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Partners in Care


SHDR is thrilled to announce our partnership with NuVet, a wonderful line of pet supplements that we know work, as we have seen the results personally. All natural supplements for immune system support, skin issues, and overall health! Please see the information below to learn more and be sure to use our code when ordering : 28140 As a partner we receive a commission from every purchase which will help us tremendously to be able to help this wonderful breed!! <ORDER HERE

Manufactured in a FDA (Human-Grade)
Registered Pharmaceutical Laboratory

NuVet Labs® supplements are some of the few pet products actually manufactured in a FDA registered human pharmaceutical laboratory, containing solely human-grade ingredients. Virtually no other pet products are made this way, due to the expense and strict monitoring required. Many pet food and supplement companies are notorious for being unregulated making their safeguards and purity levels nowhere near that of human-grade products. It’s no wonder the news is filled with horror stories of how these products become tainted by toxins that seep into dog food and supplements, causing harm to pets.


Banner Buzz 

Thank you to Banner Buzz for supporting our cause with a donated banner. Visit them at

Dog Tag Art

We want to thank Dog Tag Art for their wonderful donation of dog tags! Dog tags are very important especially if a dog accidently gets out. It is always best to have multiple way people can get in touch with you in case of a lost pet.

Want to help support SHDR by purchasing your own tag? Click Here

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