Sweet Home Doberman & Shepherd Rescue (SHDSR) is the only 501c3, not for profit Doberman & German Shepherd rescue organization in Alabama. Founded in 2015, SHDSR has committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of abused, abandoned, and/or neglected Dobermans & Shepherds. It is SHDSR's personal mission to assist these magnificent breeds in any way we can. In 2015 we focused on Dobermans, however in 2018, we welcomed the German Shepherd Dog to our rescue and mission as well. 


We are dedicated to educating the public as well as future Doberman and Shepherd owners about these majestic, often misunderstood breeds. They are often portrayed as aggressive dogs who will attack at a moment's notice when in fact they are Velcro dogs who are loyal, protective, and want to please their family!  A Doberman wants nothing more than to be by your side and on your couch. German Shepherds are incredibly loyal, loving, sensitive and want nothing more than to please their person. 

All SHDSR rescues are up to date on their shots, HW tested, microchipped, and spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Some come into rescue injured or abused and it may take a little longer to ready them for a forever home.

Our adoption area is primarily the lower east side of the country, however every application is taken into consideration.


All foster and adoptive homes require calls to personal references, a vet check, and a home visit to insure our dogs are afforded a chance at a healthy, loving rest of their life after an uneasy beginning.


  • Open your home to fostering or adoption

  • Volunteer

  • Gift cards, gas cards, flea and tick prevention or dog food are much appreciated

  • Monetary donations are tax deductible and 100% go to our animal’s care


Board of Directors


Nikki Lilly  President, Co-Founder

Nikki adopted her first Doberman in 2009 (with more to follow) and fell in love with the breed. She founded SHDSR with her husband in 2015 after realizing the misconceptions of this highly intelligent breed and the need for a breed specific rescue in the state of Alabama. Nikki strives to change the opinions of the publics view and educate them about the needs of the Doberman breed.

Haley Rich   Vice President

Haley is a certified dog trainer who started fostering for SHDSR in 2016. She has brought her passion of rescue and training to SHDSR in 2017 when she joined our team as Foster/Adoption Director. Haley has fallen in love with the loyalty and the quirkiness of the Doberman breed. Haley hopes to educated others about the misconceptions about the breed and help families build the best relationship they can with their rescued Dobermans.

A.J. Steiner    Foster/Adoption Director

AJ is a law clerk by trade who started fostering for SHDSR in 2019 when her roommate and his dog moved out. A.J's dog Mocha Bean needed a companion to curb her bored furniture eating, so she did her research on rescues, and loved the focus on education, and ‘best match’ philosophy that SHDSR employs. Her love for creating order in chaos forced her to volunteer as Adoption/Foster Director in 2020, where she combines her paperwork skills with her passion for dogs to the amusement of the SHDSR board. She’s still learning the breed, and insists there are NO stupid questions... because she’s asked them all.

Tom Lilly   Secretary, Co-Founder

Tom is a US Army retired Vet. He has known and loved dogs since he could remember. He has never been without a dog, and could never bear to be without the company and love they bring. Tom fell in love with the Doberman breed after rescuing is first in 2009, Dutchess. Tom is a co-founder of SHDSR and has been a great asset throughout its growth.


Erica Shultz  Shelter Liaison and Vet Coordinator

Erica is an Air Force retired Vet and was a K9 handler during some of her active duty years. Erica has a passion for animals and a great appreciation for Dobermans. She has taken in many of SHDSR's medical cases and is the permanent home for several dogs who have come through SHDSR's doors. Erica has been a wonderful asset to our team and has traveled across the south to save dogs.