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We are currently closed for intake of all dogs.

Due to the excessive number of dogs currently flooding shelters and the limited number of available foster homes, we have temporarily had to close intake of all dogs.

Surrendering a Pet

   A pet owner can never really imagine having to give up their four-legged best friends but Sweet Home Doberman Rescue understands that there are a variety of issues that can lead to this difficult decision. 

Things To Consider

Is there a behavioral issues? If so, have you tried working with a trainer?

Many behavioral issues are brought on by changes in the home environment, illness, stress, etc. It is always best to first consult with your vet and then reach out to a local trainer for advice. 

Is it a potty training issue?

Potty training isn't easy! It takes time, patience and repetition. Did you know puppies cannot hold their bladders until they are around four months of age? If this is the issue there are trainers who can help. You can reach out to us for some suggestions as well. 

Are you sure you can't take your pet to your new home?

If you are moving and the cost of transporting your pet is the issue, perhaps you can ask a friend or family to take your pet in temporarily until you get settled and can make arrangements. If you are moving and think you cant take your pet why not double check and see if your new housing situation can accommodate your four-legged friends. After all they have been with you all this time. Do you really want to move to a new place without them?

We're Temporarily Closed for INtake

There Is Limited Space

We are a foster based rescue therefore we do not have a facility and can only take in dogs based on space available. 

Waiting Lists

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for a space to become available for your pet.  The wait time is based off the space available, shelter dogs needing help, behavior and medical needs that would need a specialized foster, and our adoptions. 


Required Intake Fee

Sweet Home Doberman Rescue has an intake fee of $50 per pet and a current heart-worm test. This helps offset the cost of care while they are waiting for their forever home.

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