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​About Us

Sweet Home Doberman Rescue (SHDR) is the only 501c3, not for profit Doberman rescue organization in Alabama. Founded in 2015, SHDR has committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of abused, abandoned, and/or neglected Dobermans.


It is SHDR's personal mission to assist these magnificent breeds in any way we can.

We are dedicated to educating the public as well as future Doberman owners about these majestic, often misunderstood breeds. They are often portrayed as aggressive dogs who will attack at a moment's notice when in fact they are Velcro dogs who are loyal, protective, and want to please their family!  A Doberman wants nothing more than to be by your side and on your couch. 

Dog of the Month


Hey there! I’m Watson, a 3-4 year old male Doberman.

Howdy y’all! This rescue life is kinda weird isn’t it? I a BIG Boy from the Carolinas that found myself in need of a new home. Luckily the folks here at SHDR took me in and are helping work on that! I’m basically a big puppy who has finally opened up and really learned how to be a dog. I really like playing with my foster siblings, but since I’m such a big boy, I can overwhelm them sometimes. I would love a home either all to myself or one with dogs as big or bigger than me to play with! I would also love a patient and understanding family who will work with me to overcome my trust issues and anxieties, while also having a confident leadership style that I can learn from.
Watson is a very large and strong fella, he will need a family that is up for his level of energy and power.





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