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The Margarita Puppies are coming!
We recently rescued a momma dog and her pups - they have just entered rescue and will need all the things.  See more below.


Woof Avenue FB Post  They assisted with the recovery.  

Help us help these wonderful dogs and score yourself some really cool goods!
All proceeds go directly to the care and welfare of the dogs we rescue.

Shop is now open!

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​About Us

Sweet Home Doberman Rescue (SHDR) is the only 501c3, not for profit Doberman rescue organization in Alabama. Founded in 2015, SHDR has committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of abused, abandoned, and/or neglected Dobermans.


It is SHDR's personal mission to assist these magnificent breeds in any way we can.

We are dedicated to educating the public as well as future Doberman owners about these majestic, often misunderstood breeds. They are often portrayed as aggressive dogs who will attack at a moment's notice when in fact they are Velcro dogs who are loyal, protective, and want to please their family!  A Doberman wants nothing more than to be by your side and on your couch. 

Dog of the Month


Gabriel and Ghost

We are a pair of BIG boys (over 90 pounds each!) that like to cuddle with our people, lounge around the house, and take long walks as a family. We are good with other large dogs and have so far been cat friendly as well! Ghost does have a thyroid condition that will require lifelong management with medication, but he takes his medicine very well.

These two are likely related (either brothers from different litters or father and son) and were very lucky to stay together in their amazing foster home. We have determined them to be a BONDED PAIR and will only adopt them to a home willing to adopt them both. They get anxious when separated and we do not want to further traumatize these buddies!





Buy a Shirt, Save a Life

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Our yearly Lynch Creek fundraiser is officially underway!

For those who are new, Lynch Creek makes live floral pieces and they beautiful.

Use the link below to purchase. A percentage of all proceeds are given to SHDR.

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